Podcast Episode 4 - A Secret Pavilion

In our last episode, we talked about being slandered or forsaken by people that you love.  But more importantly we looked at how God had built a pavilion, a secret place for those who needed to run away to Him.  Those situations definitely make me feel like running away to God.  But that’s not the only time I wish for a secret pavilion.  

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Podcast Episode 3 - Slander and Hope

Have you ever stood in a checkout line and been surprised by the fact that someone you thought was perfectly human is supposedly an alien?  

The world is full of misinformation.  And it seems trite and maybe even funny when a magazine tells us someone is an alien, or prints a photoshopped picture.  But what if the misinformation is about you?

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Podcast Episode 1 - Introduction

My name is Jennifer Holmes.  I am a christian, a wife, a mom to three beautiful children, music teacher, and lover of words, both written and spoken.

I also happen to have the label of mental illness, particularly Bipolar II.

In the summer of 2018, just before I was diagnosed, God started showing me something profound in the Psalms.  Something that would change my life.  He was preparing me for the diagnosis ahead.

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Psalm 13

Forgotten.  Unloved.  Unheard.

These are some of the labels I’ve had.  Sometimes I’ve put them there.  Sometimes I feel like others have put them on me.  Circumstances have arisen that cause me to believe I am forgotten.  People have abandoned me, or acted unloving towards me.  I have gone through seasons where I feel unheard.  

Maybe you feel the same way today?  That you are forgotten, unloved, unheard?

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Psalm 69

Storms of life will always come.  Sometimes it’s more like a light rain.  Some days it’s dark and cloudy and the wind is picking up.  And some days it’s like the storm has turned into a tidal wave and it’s about to crash down on you.  And you’re afraid this is the end.  This is the storm that will overwhelm you.  You are about to drown.  And you’re standing there, looking at this tidal wave, and you ask God, what now?

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