Guys, I’m tired.  Like that bone tired that starts to creep into your soul, tired. Its nothing serious.  It happens sometimes with my mysterious illness.  Especially when its been a long week, followed by a busy weekend, coupled with a child with a huge project.  You know where I’m coming from - the mom life.  Actually, you don’t even have to be a mom I think.  Just a person.

As soon as I’m this tired, I can start to get overwhelmed easily.  Then it moves from being tired, to a serious problem.  I might cry, I might get short with everyone around me, I might do the exact opposite of what I need to do and just stop working all together.

I have a mentor in my writing group that always says a phrase that has helped me so much in these times.  The phrase is, just do the next right thing in love.  Seems almost too simple.  Of course I know I should do the right thing and that I should do it in love.

But the word next is what is so helpful to me.  To focus on only one thing at a time is so helpful in the overwhelm.  Yesterday that meant fill out my meal plan, do groceries, say good bye to my mom, take Emma to piano, take a 20 minute nap, make dinner, take my remedy from my homeopath, clean the kitchen so I wouldn’t have a crazy morning, get all the music marks ready for school, say no to a late night get together, and go to bed early.  Simple every day activities, but just a matter of listening to my body, soul, and spirit.  Some yeses, some nos, but a simple way to fight the overwhelm one decision at a time.

Nothing super spiritual here - I’m still kind of tired! - but maybe some practical help from one person that tends to get overwhelmed to another.  Just take that next right step one at a time.  And remember the love.