riches, redemption, restoration

If there was a theme or a catch phrase for my past year I think it would be, Grace Overflowed, or something like that.  I have clung to the grace of God each day.  I have felt it overflow my spirit in ways I never thought I would experience. This year has brought His mercy.  The kindness He has shown to me and my family has made me so grateful.

This year has also taught me much about forgiveness.  I’ve had to extend it and I’ve had to ask for it.

But something new has been coming up lately.  Its been a beautiful thing to watch as I see God working His restoration process.  We know that God works all things together for good.  We think of this with His name, Redeemer.  He can take any situation, any sin, any tragedy, and work it for our good.  It can be hard to believe sometimes, but if we let Him, He’ll do it every time.

We also know that one day He will restore everything in Heaven.  Everything will be made new.  It will be like there was never any sin, never anything wrong to begin with.  Everything will be back to His original intent.

As with many things, we get little glimpses of Heaven here.  An amazing church service, a beautiful meal with people, a day of family unity, a view of beautiful creation, all these things can give us just a little taste of the time when everything will be restored.

Once in a while we get to see it in our lives.  Where He not only redeems the situation, but restores it.  The life that we shattered, that we messed up, that was broken by tragedy, gets completely put back together.  With the patience and care of only the Heavenly Father, He carefully puts back each piece until its not only beautiful, but restored.

Isn’t our God amazing?  The love and care that He puts into each of our lives is incomprehensible.  That He would extend to us His grace, mercy, and forgiveness is already enough.  But He also redeems every situation, working all to our good.  And once in a while, He really brings glory to Himself with restoration, that we may see how truly good He is.