O Holy Night

O Holy Night Maybe this song conjures up memories of that time you heard an amazing soprano or a beautiful tenor sing this song, or a full choir, or a sweet child, or a small church congregation on Christmas Eve.  This is song is by far my favourite piece of Christmas music, and maybe my favourite piece of music ever.  It really is gorgeous with deep words.  One phrase stuck out to me this year.

Long lay the world in sin and error pining. Till He appeared and the Soul felt its worth.

Does your soul ever have trouble feeling its worth?

Mine does.

Especially at Christmas.

We can tie the hustle and bustle of the season to our worth, can’t we?  Its December 7th.  Have I finished my Christmas shopping?  Is my tree up?  Is my baking started?

Has everything become magical yet?

And when we stress out, burn the cookies, feel behind on our list, and our three little kids don’t seem to get that we’re supposed to be feeling the magic at 7pm, our soul seems to diminish in worth.

Up and down our worth goes, mailed out the cards before the 23rd - up, forgot about the teacher gift - down, until Christmas becomes a roller coaster that we’re not sure if we love or hate.

But there’s only one thing our soul needs.  One.

He appeared.

That’s it.  No striving, no worry, no special wrapping, no traditions, no magic.

Just, Jesus.

When He appeared, the soul felt its worth.  Christmas is about the fact that Jesus loved us, loved you, so much that He came to earth as a baby.

Your soul has worth simply because Jesus loves you.

Christmas cannot make you any less worthy, nor can it make you any more worthy.

When you realize that He appeared, for you, your soul can feel its worth.

So go ahead, make Christmas magical, as much or as little as you can, but remember that the real magic is, He appeared.  For you.