Embracing Imperfection

We’re moving!  We’ll still be at the camp but we’re switching houses.  For those of you who know the camp, we’ll be living in the log house or former girl’s dorm.  I cannot tell you how excited I am, or will be actually.  Right now I’m just mostly really sick of painting.  And caulking.  And waiting.  But we are in the home stretch right now.  Mostly because we have to move this week whether its ready or not, but I think it will be. In the picture you can see my new floors.  Well, new to me.  They are actually quite old and just plywood.  I think some people were quite surprised when I said we weren’t going to be putting in flooring and would just paint the existing plywood.  I showed them pictures on pinterest so they could be sure I wasn’t the only crazy person out there!  Part of the reason I decided this was because I don’t own this house, its big, and I would rather spend the money on a nice kitchen!

But the other reason is that this house is teaching me some important lessons.  As I’ve been painting these floors, I have fallen in love with them.  More than the fact that I feel like they look like they could be on Fixer Upper, I have noticed all the holes, the gaps, the cracks, and yet with a coat of fresh white paint, they look beautiful.  This log home that we’re moving into is beautiful, yet has many flaws.  There are so many things that we are not going to be able to make look perfect.  But it will still be beautiful.  And for the first time in my life, I’m really ok with that.  In fact, I’m embracing it.  This home blogger that I follow always says, it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.  So if you come visit me you’re going to see weird gaps, old floors, cracked logs, but hopefully you’ll also see the love poured into this house.  Also, this house has a room with doors that close where the laundry and shoes stay so I can’t make it all perfect, but at least I can now hide the crazy!