Cambodian Weekend

Before we get to Michael's blog, he forgot to write about something in his last post, and I thought I would just show you the screen shot of our conversation... IMG_3144FullSizeRender 14









Saturday was a long good day. Got up at 7 to get ready to go visiting at 8. I'm glad we got up early because it was hot. I know I say it's hot a lot. Because it is, and Saturday was no exception. I didn't die though. It was nice to get to see a little bit more of the inner city of Phnom Penh. We quite often drive just down the main roads and I like to see what the real city looks like.

We went first to see some members of the church. A lot of them have been coming for a long time. But maybe not quite as faithful as they should be. Pastor Savouen wanted to let them know that there was a special speaker on Sunday. We went to a variety of different places, all of them very poor. Several of the housing complexes that we went to were donated by foreign organizations. The people don't have to pay for the building of the houses, just monthly rent and electricity. Most of them are fairly nice and it costs them about $15 a month. Most jobs pay around $5-$10 a day. I found it interesting that that they use mostly smaller bricks, where most warm countries use the bigger hollow blocks.



My favourite house to visit was our last one of the morning. The family we visited has a Down syndrome boy. His name Pich and he is six. He was so happy and was very excited to see Pastor Savouen. He is one of his favourite people and you can really tell.

In the afternoon we went to the houses that were at the garbage dump. There weren't too many people there, because they were all in the dump looking for stuff they could sell. We did see an elderly lady and her grandson though. The boy has to be in a wheelchair. Not really sure why, but his legs are really skinny and there is no way that he would be able to walk on them. He had some really big open sores on his feet so we brought some antiseptic cream and bandages to put on them. We were able to go to another area and met quite a few people there. We were talking to a younger guy and he was saying the dump was 15 meters deep. That's a lot of garbage. He was invited to come out to church Sunday night, but he didn't come. It is hard to get young people to come to church. Please pray for this area as they have just started the church here.