On Friday my girls were away, March break partying at a friends and I got to go on a walk with this handsome young man. IMG_3007

We walked the trail on the property - its so gorgeous and every time I walk it I can’t believe I get to live somewhere so beautiful.  During this walk Jonathan taught me all about deer tracks, deer beds, a bunch of other deer things, baseball, and possibly a few other things that have absolutely no interest for me.  Oh yeah, can’t forget golf.  Seriously, with the two guys in my life obsessed with these three things I hear about them ad nauseam.  We probably talked about Minecraft too knowing Jonathan.  I had absolutely no interest in one thing we talked about.  I can say this because he doesn’t read my blog.  But its true.  So why did I invite him on a walk and let him chatter away about all these things?  I told him it was because we needed some fresh air.  And that I like having company when I walk.  And those things are both true.  But I had one major reason I invited him to chat.

My son likes a girl.  Really likes a girl.  And it has been the same girl for quite a while now.  May I just interject an “ahhhhhhh!!!!!” here?  I am equal parts terrified and excited.  Well, I may be leaning more to excited because I happen to think you can tell a lot about a person by the way they handle this whole situation.  And he is being so great about it.  Hardly anyone knows.  He doesn’t make a big deal of it.  He hasn’t talked to her about it since he knows he’s not allowed to date for at least 10 years!  And I think he’s also a little terrified.  He makes sure that he says hi to her but doesn’t single her out much.  And the most important part…this girl is stellar.  If the girl he chooses to like is any indication of the direction his life is going, this mom is jumping up and down for joy.

Now you may be thinking that I’m a little overboard on a 13 year old crush and you also may be wondering what these two things have to do with each other.  You may be right on the first one but I took Jonathan on that walk because I asked him if he would like to talk about girls the night before and he said no way and went to bed.  And that was ok.  But I realized that he’s not yet ready to talk about some serious things with me.  So for now, I will make sure to spend lots of time talking about the mundane.  The things like minecraft that the kid in him still likes.  Because one day he’s going to need to talk about girls.  And beliefs.  And college.  And social media.  And its all coming so very soon.  Today he finished English for elementary school.  Another few months and he will be entering the whole new world of high school.

I’m really hoping that if I keep making times for just the two of us to talk that one day soon our chats will change from baseball to his thoughts and feelings and questions.  So I’m going to keep walking with this cutie and creating opportunities.