International Women's Day

Today is International Women’s Day. I have a lot of thoughts about today and was debating what to write about.  I thought about writing about women in general, or about some strong women in my life.  Maybe a letter to my girls about how society wants to objectify them, but since they are 11 and 8 I decided to wait a few more years for that.  It could be a good opportunity to write a letter to my son about how to treat women.  The list went on.

But there was a picture I saw yesterday that I could not get out of my mind.  All.  Day.


These two little girls are from Cambodia.  I don’t know their particular stories yet, but I do know that it is literally possible that just yesterday these two little girls were saved from a horrible future.

Let me back up and tell you the story from this side of the world.

A while back we partnered with a couple from Cambodia who were already running a children’s ministry from their church.  They had a church that ministered to the garbage dump.  Yes, you read that right.  Because when a country is very poor, people live on the dump to scrounge for food and things to sell.  This couple would invite children over every Saturday, let them wash, give them clean clothes, a good meal, and tell them of God’s love.  They had a dream of starting a children’s home but lacked the funds to support it.  As we partnered with them, they were able to take in some children.

Last week, our church was miraculously able to purchase a large building in Phnom Penh.  I say miraculously because although it seemed like the money poured in, and the purchase went through without problems, I never want to look at the start of something like this like it was just a business transaction.  This building was built to be a hotel but never finished - the perfect set up for a children’s home.  The Savouens moved in last week.  It didn’t matter that they don’t have all the furniture or fixtures, they were anxious to start bringing in more children.

Yesterday that picture showed up in my twitter feed.  (@savoue if you’re interested in following the future of this home)  Cambodia has been known in the past as having one of the largest child sex trades in the world.  I have been reading many stories lately about how heroic and passionate Cambodians are fighting this trade and winning, but we know this is a problem all over the world.  Its completely heart breaking to look at those two little girls and wonder what would’ve happened to them if they did not end up at our children’s home.  I know our Pastor said that one of the little girls who came earlier is with us because her mother was going to sell her otherwise.

This International Women’s Day, I’m reminded again to be passionate about the plight of women and girls in the world.  I can pray, I can give, I can look at these pictures and just think.  Just let my heart be broken for this world.  Because its when my heart is broken for them that God can really start to tell me how to be used.