Road Trip 2015- Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia.  The last province on our trip. This province held something special that the others didn’t.  Family!  And friends too!  We came off the ferry on Thursday and headed to Halifax.  We found a superstore and did some groceries and then took a walk around the harbour.  It was really beautiful and a perfect afternoon.  I think if I could pick any city to live in just by a quick look around, Halifax might win!  We headed back over the bridge to Dartmouth to hit another You Gotta Eat Here restaurant.  We tried out Cheese Curds and had the best poutine I’ve ever had.  And they had amazing burgers.  By the way, they should really make a show like that with places that sell healthy food!!  But we did enjoy it.


After stuffing ourselves, we headed over to Michael’s Uncle and Aunt’s house.  They graciously hosted us for two days and their place is absolutely gorgeous.


We had a good visit with them and then headed off to separate rooms which was a treat.  I seriously had no idea how much my kids talk and snore in their sleep until this trip!  I think by the last few days I was able to tune most of it out, but wow.  They’re loud.

The next day we spent time visiting out on the gorgeous deck and Michael played some golf with his uncle.  In the afternoon we went to a fair, ate cotton candy, saw giant pumpkins, and watched barrel racing.  I felt thoroughly countrified.  Michael and the kids went out on the lake for an hour when we got back and then we enjoyed the most delicious turkey dinner cooked by his aunt and with two of his cousins.  It was so wonderful to meet them!  It was the first time Michael had seen them since he was around three, so it was a special dinner.  Later that night I slipped out and went into Halifax and met my cousin who is attending school there.  We stayed up way too late but had a great visit:)

Peggy’s cove was on our agenda the next morning.  I felt very Canadian listening to the bagpipes and looking through the mist:)  It was beautiful and the best part was that an old friend that Michael grew up with and who I’ve reconnected with in the online world came out to see us there!  It was so sweet of her and it was great to meet her two children.


Off we went to Lunenburg.  What a cool little town.  We didn’t have as much time there as we would’ve liked because I’ve heard that the fisheries museum is amazing, but we were too late in the day.  But we did get to walk the Bluenose II.  And Emma got her favourite hat ever:)

IMG_2478 IMG_2480 IMG_2487

That night we headed to New Glasgow where the conference was.  This conference was the reason that we had an excuse to go out east in the first place.  We enjoyed a great Sunday with Pastor Ryan King and his wonderful church family.

On the Monday we had most of the day before the conference began, but by this time, I think we were touristed out.  We could’ve driven two hours in any direction and seen some beautiful things, but we just couldn’t make ourselves drive four hours that day and then go to services that night.  So we found a place thirty minutes away where we could get a day pass and go swimming, rock climbing, etc.  We really enjoyed that day of sleeping in and just playing.

As for the conference, it was amazing.  The host church was so kind to everyone and did a great job of introducing us to some east coast flavour.  East Coast music playing before the services, blueberry jam to take home, and apparently most importantly, pizza where the sauce is not tomato based but instead lard based.  Yup.  And it was good:)  I came away from the preaching so encouraged and filled up.

But all good things must come to an end.  Wednesday morning we got up and intended to drive around 12-14 hours, stop for the night and drive the rest the next morning.  But around mid afternoon we started talking about possibly driving all the way.  19 hours later, we made it home at 2:30am.  It was tiring, but really amazing to wake up in my own bed!

The whole trip was really a gift.  A time of learning, family time, refreshing, fun, and beauty.