Creative Basics

If you follow me on Instagram, you were bombarded with posts with the words "homework" and #creativebasics. Somehow I heard about this course offered by Crystal Stine on improving your social media presence.  I knew I could use help with that!  So, I signed up for the month of April.  If you are a blogger, you need to know about this course.  Even if you're not a blogger but you like quotes or images with text on them, or you work at a church and do slides, or pretty much anything to do with a screen, you need to know about this course:)  I had a great time doing this and I learned so much!

Creative Basics is now available as an ebook and for today is only 2.99!  That's a steal for what you'll learn!  I won't say too much more other than, you should click here and check out Crystal's page about the course.

A little bit ago, I sent in a promotional blurb on a whim and today it came up on Instagram.  That was kind of cool:)


Things have been a little quiet around here lately, but next week I should be back to real life:)  Its been crazy busy, but things are slowing down after this weekend.  Looking forward to writing out some ideas that have been kicking around in my head:)