New Year

So, its a New Year.  Again. I’m not entirely sorry to see 2014 go, and I’m excited to see 2015.  2014 brought the beginning of some great opportunities.  Which as it turns out, usually bring with them lots of work; usually the trials come too:)  But along with those things come tremendous growth.  I’ve learned so much more about myself, how I work, my weakness and strengths, and drawn closer to God.  I worked on a huge special project, (more on that in the near future!), worked on relationships, (worked specifically on friendships, although I don’t know if they would’ve noticed since I’m terrible at these things:), got a good chunk of Grade 10 voice under my belt, (assuming that when I find out my grade in a few weeks that I passed!), and mostly learned to go with the flow a little better.

I also had more trouble with my health issues, I’m continuing to struggle with how to have a better prayer life, and I continued my battle with depression.  But the amazing thing this year was to see God start to get me through these struggles and not only help me through them, but start to show me how I can help others.  The opportunities that have come up because of these issues have been amazing to watch.  I have spent the past little while thinking and praying about talking about these things more.  I’m not an educated expert on anything, but I have lived through some things.  And even if it helps no one else, it helps me to talk about it:)

So here’s the game plan for 2015.  I’m still going to have posts that brag on my kids or talk about events in my life.  I may still bore you with mundane stories or complain about my ironing.  But this year I want to add in some of my struggles.  The real ones.  The big ones.  This gives me the opportunity to maybe be a blessing to others and it definitely lets me brag on God!  So here’s to an exciting new year!  Thank you for going on this journey with me!