Kale Chips

Last week I looked up Kale Chips. They have been the rave of Pinterest for quite some time now so I finally gave in.  I bought kale and then spent quite a bit of time looking through blog posts, recipes, and many accolades about this amazing snack.  And I get it.  I mean, who wouldn’t love to put their kids to bed, grab their computer, and read their favourite blogs, all while munching on crunchy, salty, greasy goodness, without the guilt that the words “potato chips” bring??  This sounded amazing to me.  So I picked a basic recipe and away we went.

I’m writing this blog post solely so that there will be one honest word about kale chips on the internet.

They’re disgusting.

They taste absolutely nothing like potato chips.  Unless you count the salt.

Not only that, they smell bad.  As in, they actually stink up your house.  I ended up taking the pan and throwing it on the porch because I didn’t even want it in my garbage.  The dog took a whiff and walked away.

I should’ve known that you can’t take what amounts to green rubber and turn it into something that tasted like potato chips, but one can dream.

I do have one good recipe for you today though.  We traded in our kale chips for banana ice cream.  And its healthy.  You just slice up bananas, freeze them, then throw them in a blender or food processor and it comes out like soft serve ice cream.  Crazy but true.  And I’m the only one telling the truth about kale chips so trust me.  Sometimes I add a little almond milk to make it easier on my processor.  And we like a scoop of peanut butter in it.  Tonight we tried it with some strawberries instead and that was really good too, although not as creamy.

So take some advice, don’t bother with the kale chips, but do try the banana ice cream!