Double Digits

IMG_5507 My sweet little girl turned ten today.  Yup.  Double digits.  I now have two children in double digits!  And she’s not so little anymore.  The last pair of shoes my mom bought her were a women’s size 8!!  And she’s generally pretty convinced that she’s 16:)

The most fun change for me this year is that she constantly wants to be in the kitchen with me.  She loves to cook and this past month has baked completely on her own twice!  She does complain when I give her too many clean up jobs, but I informed her that’s true cooking - 10% fun, 90% clean up:)

She has brought so much joy into our home.  She’s a little bit too bossy and sometimes there’s a little bit of pre-teen attitude creeping out, but really, she is a lovely girl.  I’m very proud of her. Super smart and hardworking and always the first to give me a hug or kiss.  So glad God placed her in our home and enjoying the time we have with her.  Love my Arianna.