Letter to my Son



Dear Jonathan

Happy 12th Birthday!  I’m not usually a mushy mom, but this one has me feeling a little mushy:)  This one is hitting me harder than most.  Maybe its because you’re looking old lately or because your dad and I figured out the other day that this birthday marks the halfway point of our parenting career.  Maybe its the fact that you start teen Sunday School class on Sunday or that you sat beside me in the front on the way to swimming lessons today.

Twelve years ago you were born and I became a mom.  God gave you to me to ease me into motherhood.  If I had one of the girls first, I may not have had anymore:) but you’re so easy that I thought I was pretty awesome at this parenting thing and I should have more kids.  Well, to be honest, you were pretty terrible the first six weeks:)  But after that its been pretty smooth sailing.  I have so many amazing memories of times with you.  Not that either one of us has been perfect, but together we’ve had a lot of fun.

And now you’re 12.  This may sound terrible, but I’ve never been one of those moms that wanted my kids to stay little or that wanted to freeze time.  I’m so excited about this next stage of life.  I never excelled at the whole little kid thing, but working with teens is what I love.  I know that the next few years will bring some pretty crazy things and I wanted you to know a few things before this insane ride begins.

First, I will always love you.  There’s nothing you will do, nothing you can surprise me with, nothing you can say to me that will make me stop loving you.  We’re family.  I’m your mom and you’re my son.  Nothing ever changes that.  Our relationship will change, how often we talk will change, at some point I won’t be the most important woman in your life, but my love will never change.  So go ahead, take the next few years, figure out who you are, what you believe, how you will live your life and I’ll love you no matter what.  

Second, you can always talk to me.  About anything.  We need to talk a lot.  You have a lot of things to think about and talk through in the next couple of years.  We’ve already made it through some of the most awkward talks and survived, well your dad didn’t fare too well, but we made it:)  Right now you’re in that stage where one minute you’re a teenager and one minute you’re a little kid again.  Its kind of a weird, complicated stage so we just need to keep talking.  Even if 90% of it is about Catan or The Chronicles of Narnia:)  I love hearing your thoughts and stories.  

Lastly, its ok for some things to stay the same.  You’re growing up.  Fast.  And I love that.  But there’s a few things I want to stay the same.  I love that you still get me or your dad to put you to bed so you get a good night kiss.  If that tradition lasts till college, that would be great.  The times that you sit beside me in church and move over so our shoulders touch makes me smile.  Also, if we could keep embarrassing your dad with our unique yet awesome dance moves.  That’s the best eh?  

I’m so proud of you Jonathan.  You’re such a great guy.  There’s no one in our family as kind and self-sacrificing as you, except maybe your dad.  The way you treat your sisters, the way you complement me after almost every meal, the way you try to make sure that everyone else is happy is an inspiration to me.  God blessed our family when He put you in it.  Love you.