Renew That was the theme of the conference we went to in California.  The Spiritual Leadership Conference at Lancaster Baptist Church was amazing.  I thought about blogging about the actual conference while we were there, but the true test of a conference like that is if it made any difference in your life after you got home.  Its so easy to be caught up in emotion and excitement and think that you’re going to change while you’re there, but can that be sustained weeks later?

One definition of renew is to make new, fresh or strong again.  My favourite definition though is to begin again, especially with more force or enthusiasm.  Could I take what I learned at that conference and begin again, with even more enthusiasm?

There’s really nothing new under the sun.  No amazing insight in the Christian life that I didn’t know before.  The problem with the Christian life is remembering the basic principles at all times!  So often I know what to do or how to act, but the determination and strength to always do, think or act is not always there.  So it wasn’t that there was some revelation at this conference that changed my life.

No, it was the thought of renewal.  To take what I already know and begin again.  With even more enthusiasm.  To take the reminders of what God spoke to me about and begin each morning trying to change those things with a renewed determination.

Last week was rough.  Two major things in a 24 hour period.  Things that I have spent many hours thinking about, praying about and even crying about.  They were hurtful but so personal that only a handful of people even know that these events happened.  And of course I had just been to a conference so I knew how I should react!  Did I pull it off perfectly?  Nope.  But the thing about investing in your spiritual life in the good times is that it helps you get through the bad times a little better.  Each time I’m learning about myself and how to deal with people in the way God would have me to.  Its hard, but I’m trying to dwell on this thought of renewal.

Mostly I’m thankful that God practices renewal.  His mercies are new every morning.  I think every day God must look at me and think He has to begin again, with even more enthusiasm!  So for a while longer, I’m going to dwell on the things God showed me to work on at the conference.  And I’m going to dwell on this definition of renew, determining to start again each morning with even more enthusiasm for the things of God than the day before.


(I got to hear Ron Hamilton sing live with a full orchestra and Shelly Hamilton on the piano.  Amazing!!)