Youth Conference

This past weekend I had the privilege of attending the Barrie Youth Conference. It was my third year to attend, but this year I got to take my son!  It was quite a strange experience.  I don’t think it affected my husband as much since he’s been taking Jonathan to youth group every week, but this was the first time I’ve seen Jonathan at a youth meeting.  He acts much too old!  Fist pumps, hey mans, and constant laughing.  Although he’s not a teenager yet, he’s getting close:)  I really don’t mind, because I’m loving this stage of kids.  Working with teenagers has always been my favourite and I’m starting to have some of those opportunities with Jonathan.  I love that we can talk a lot and I can start to teach him grown-up things.  It was a joy to watch his heart being moved by the preaching.

I always enjoy meeting up with people at conferences.  So far, every year I’ve been at this conference I’ve stayed at Nancy’s house.  She’s amazing.  Like, waffles and strawberries for breakfast amazing:)  But even more wonderful than her beautiful house and wonderful food is the hospitality and friendship.  I enjoyed a late night chat with her and appreciate our growing friendship.

I also had the privilege to watch over 7 girls from our church.  I hardly knew them, so it was a pleasure connecting with them.  Except for having to constantly tell the 12 year olds to use their inside voice, we had a wonderful time together:)  The best part was that on the Friday night, I got to lead two of the girls to the Lord!  What a wonderful night!  Made all the yelling in the van totally worth it:)

Most of all, going to conferences like this remind me how much I love the ministry.  Sometimes you feel like you’re hitting your head against the wall but once in a while you have a night like the Friday that is just amazing.  There is nothing more rewarding in life than serving the Lord, no matter how you do it.  Whether its at camp, at a conference, small things at church or at home with my kids, serving the Lord is the best.