New Years

My parent’s cottage is one of my favourite places on earth. No really, its a close second to my house:)  When I go there its like my soul sighs in peace.  I don’t know why.  I think it might be because when I go there, I can’t do much besides just be with my family and whoever is there.  And its beautiful!  Even in the winter.


We spent two nights there this week for New Years with our friends, the Bakkers.  I think its safe to say that its an annual tradition since we’ve done it two years in a row:)

We were blessed to have a great Christmas with family and New Years with our close friends was a wonderful way to finish the holidays.

Way too much food is a must!


We played a LOT of Catan!  Jonathan is now obsessed with this game.  Ok, Michael and I are too:)  But Jonathan was so happy to have people be able to play it with all day.  He was always able to round up three other players.  Jonathan even spent his Christmas money on a new expansion!


Lake Huron froze in a very cool way this year.  Out several feet it sort of rose into a massive mountain/wave.  It was pure ice and the kids had a blast sliding down it - my feeling was more fear that I was going to break something:)  It was so cold while we were up at the cottage but we managed to get out for a few minutes one day and an hour the next.  It was cold, but beautiful.

cottage3 cottage4

(Photo credit: I took one, Michael took the great one of the kids on the mountain and Calvin took the rest:)

Already looking forward to next year:)