Finally Ready For Christmas

I usually love Christmas. I still do, but this year has been overwhelmingly exhausting.  At one point I even told Michael the only reason he loves Christmas so much is because he's not a mom:)  Usually I enjoy the work, the planning, the special things at church and while I still enjoyed them to a degree, I was mostly just tired.  I had a day that I kept thinking, if I can just make it till then, I'll be ok.  Then that day came, and the laundry was pilled up, the house was filthy, baking needed to done and presents wrapped.  I wasn't feeling very Christmassy!  So over the weekend I decided that I must change my attitude!  I cleaned, cooked, wrapped - with the help of my awesome mom! - and then I started working on my heart.  I went to church Sunday and Michael preached a great sermon on Sunday night.  One of his points was thinking on the wonder of Christmas.  It really touched my heart, so the next day I read the Christmas story and dwelled on being in the moment and enjoying Christmas.

On a side note, I made the girls help me tidy up while Jonny was at a dentist appointment Monday morning.  They started complaining that I was making them work on their first day off.  I explained to them that Saturday was their first day off so it was perfectly legal for me to make them work:)  Emma said that I was treating her like my slave and I promptly told her that was one of the reasons I had kids in the first place:)  So she broke out into a song.  She sang a couple of minutes of an original Emma broadway style composition entitled, "Can't you see, I'm not a slave?"  It was hilarious:)

Yesterday we had lunch with friends, welcomed my brother and sister for Christmas, and slept at my moms.  But mostly I kept working on my heart.  I prayed, got some encouragement from a friend and just tried to dwell on the wonder of Christmas.  We listened to Pastor read the Christmas story at our Christmas Eve service tonight.  What an amazing story!  What an amazing Saviour!  So tomorrow, I plan to enjoy my family, open some presents, eat a lot, and take some time to dwell on the wonder of Christmas.  Merry Christmas to your family, and may you also be able to dwell on the wonder of Christmas!