Missionary Day

Today was “Missionary Day” The kids are insisting that it be an annual tradition.  I think they had fun, but it might be mostly the fact that they had the day off school:)


In the spring Michael and I realized that even though missions was very important to us and never far from our thoughts, we weren’t actively doing much to pass that on to our kids.  We prayed and thought and then decided to “adopt” two missionary families.  What that means for us is that we pray for these two families every day at lunch, read their prayer letters, keep their prayer cards on the fridge and send some financial support.  We chose a Canadian family that is headed to a foreign field and an American family that is coming here to start a church, both with children our kids ages.  We’ve had such fun with this and it has really impacted our kids with the importance of missions.


We wanted to do something special for these two families at Christmas time so we took a “Missionary Day”.  The kids wrote letters, drew pictures, and we went Christmas shopping on Amazon:)  It was great to see the kids excited to shop for other children and decide exactly what they wanted to give to them.


What a fun day!  I may have to make it a yearly tradition.  I didn’t mind the day off school either:)