Family Dinner

It’s amazing to me how some of the most important people in my life can slowly drift away.  Not drift in their importance, but in their contact, their involvement in my daily life.  How did I get to the place where my brother and my sisters don’t know that Jonathan is obsessed with reading Red Rock Mysteries right now, that he’s developing some pimples on his nose, that the curriculum change we made in homeschooling this year is the best thing that’s happened to him recently. Image

They don’t know that Arianna is starting to enter that stage where she’s constantly unsure of herself, that sometimes I have to tell her to stop practicing piano and do something else after an hour, and that she fits in perfectly with 14-18 year old crowd at church.


That Emma keeps having nightmares lately, that it seems everyday I find a new collection of nuts, feathers, rocks or bugs in her room, or that she’s finally starting to tolerate the occasional kiss.  Image

The last time I was with my whole family at once was three and a half years ago.  Time and life and money steal away the little details of life.  I miss the days where we all saw each other so much we would even have time to fight.  I started searching for a way to bring back the joy of sharing the details with those that I love.

Then I realized that there were more people than just these three that I would want to share with.  Michael’s sister is moving away soon.  We have friends that love our kids like aunts and uncles would.  How do you keep up with that many people.  So on a whim, one day while doing my hair in the morning, I decided to blog.  To have a cyber family dinner.  Then I thought, you’re crazy, and took two months to think about it.  A friend told me to think long so that I wouldn’t just crash and burn.  I read blogs about blogging.  Apparently, I’m doing it wrong since I’m not trying to sell anything or become famous.  But in the end, I decided to give it a try.

I’m not an especially insightful person, although I have learned a few things in my 33 years.  I’m not an especially spiritual person, although I’m working on it.  I may not even be entertaining or funny.  I will use way too many exclamation marks and smiley faces.  I seriously thought about doing a whole post on the fact that today, my ironing got caught up.  And it wasn’t even my mom that did it.  But I will be me.  And I will have fun sharing my life with those who want to pull up a chair to the table and join family dinner.